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Ivona Tau on the magic of watching meaning emerge from abstract noise

Ivona talks about the meditative process of taking photos for deep learning projects and why every interesting image she finds in latent space feels like a gift.

Interview • 29 April 2023

Stephen Young on creating art that brings joy and the excitement of discovery

The artist and developer speaks about how a chance encounter led to finding his true passion and the frustration and serendipity in coaxing the AI to create something that matches the imagination.

Interview • 24 March 2023

Roope Rainisto on the importance of seeing things from a fresh perspective

Roope talks about the fearless naivety of AI, the challenge and joy of gaining creative control and the vast opportunity for AI in video.

Interview • 24 February 2023

A quick chat with Jeremy Torman, aka the Ganfather

Jeremy talks about Style Transfer, the accessibility of getting started with AI and developing an abstract psychadelic style.

Interview • 13 February 2023

The best Stable Diffusion apps, notebooks and services

Since Stable Diffusion's public release last year, there's been an explosion of notebooks, apps and services. Here are the best, both free and commercial.

Guide • 16 January 2023

Dehiscence on using AI to explore perceptions of the human body

Dehiscence talks about their background in forensic science, becoming a full-time artist and incorporating AI tools into their artistic process.

Interview • 3 January 2023

Why VJ_DMTFL wants to be the most colourful AI artist in your feed

VJ_DMTFL talks about the parallels between AI art and Vaporwave, developing their process and the feeling of awe when creating something new.

Interview • 7 November 2022

Ganbrood on developing a unique style, the serendipity of AI and the pace of change

Bas Uterwijk discusses the challenge of using AI tools creatively, what makes a Ganbrood a Ganbrood and why AI art will be the defining art movement of this century.

Interview • 12 October 2022

Jane Adams (aka Nodradek) on what it means to be an artist in a time of constantly evolving technology

The artist and researcher on her journey so far, how the Metaverse brings people together, the joys and grind of StyleGAN training and why artists shouldn't be defined by their medium.

Interview • 14 September 2022

How to run Stable Diffusion in Google Colab

Stable Diffusion is a cutting-edge text-to-image AI model that quickly creates stunning images from a simple prompt. In this guide I'll show you how to set up and run it yourself in Google Colab.

Guide • 7 September 2022

images_ai on artistic freedom and why artists shouldn't fear AI

Speaking with images_ai on how they got started, their artistic process and the legal and moral issues around large AI models.

Interview • 29 August 2022

AI artist intervew: Makeitrad

Makeitrad on building the ultimate creative tools, generating crystals, combining the natural with the digital and the importance of originality.

Interview • 15 August 2022

A year in AI art

I was hooked the moment I first tried VQGAN+CLIP back in July last year. The excitement of watching a brand-new image emerge just doesn't fade. This is almost every piece I created between July 2021 and July 2022.

News • 6 July 2022

Zoom, enhance! Using AI to enlarge images without losing quality

Super-resolution AI models are a new way of enlarging images without sacrificing image quality. Here is a comparison of the leading options as well as a brief background on how they work.

Guide • 17 May 2022

Writing good VQGAN+CLIP prompts part three – environmental modifiers

How to use environmental modifiers such as materials, lighting and surroundings to further refine your AI generated images.

Guide • 5 May 2022

Using initial images with VQGAN + Clip

What initial images are, how they work, and how to use them effectively to create better art with VQGAN + CLIP.

Guide • 6 April 2022

Writing good VQGAN+CLIP prompts part two – artist and genre modifiers

Techniques and ideas to use artist and genre prompts with VQGAN + CLIP to shape your images and create better images.

Guide • 31 March 2022

Writing good VQGAN+CLIP prompts part one – basic prompts and style modifiers

This is the first in a series of guides where I’ll go through some techniques on how to write better prompts, improve the quality of your generated images and get the best out of VQGAN+CLIP.

Guide • 16 March 2022

An introduction to creating AI art with VQGAN+CLIP

In this guide I'll show you how to get started making art with cutting-edge AI tools. It’s easy and fun and you’ll soon be able to make some unique and amazing artworks.

Guide • 15 March 2022