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A quick chat with Jeremy Torman, aka the Ganfather

Jeremy talks about Style Transfer, the accessibility of getting started with AI and developing an abstract psychadelic style.

What are you working on and what do you get excited about?

I recently released #airobotics, a 1500 piece collection involving 4 co-founders, @luciddreamnf1, @makeitrad1, @pharmapsychotic, myself and 23 guest artists. It's the second collection I helped put together and I am really excited about it.

Additionally I'm constantly training StyleGAN.


↑ Theia, Jeremy Torman, 2022.

How would you describe your style and when did you first see it develop?

I prefer an abstract psychedelic style. With elements of surrealism. I first started to develop it when I started acrylic painting in the year 2000.

↑ Mechanical Frogs, Jeremy Torman, 2023.

How did you first get started using AI in your work and what was your ‘aha’ moment?

When I first saw Deepdream images start to appear online, it blew my mind and amazed me. I instantly knew that creating art with the assistance of artificial intelligence was something that I needed to learn how to do. The first real 'aha' moment came when I got Style Transfer installed locally and started applying it to videos.

↑ Experiments in Chaos, Jeremy Torman, 2023.

What was the first ever piece you created?

The first piece I created was called 'The Illusion of Time', using Style Transfer on a Photoshop remix of an acrylic painting.

The Illusion of Time

↑ The Illusion of Time, Jeremy Torman, 2016.

One of the fun things about AI is its unexpectedness. Which piece are you happiest with, and which surprised you the most?

↑ The Future Is Forever, Jeremy Torman, 2023.

I'm still constantly surprised by what people make using these tools. Especially now that they have become easy to access using apps and websites, and text-to-image has greatly improved accessibility. For the longest time we had to run it locally on Linux, and we could only use it to remix images.

The entire #airobotics collection makes me pretty happy.

Please do follow Jeremy on Twitter and check out his collections on Foundation and KnownOrigin.